Historical Restoration

FCR specializes in providing historical restoration services to clients in South Florida. We first recommend that you interview and hire an Architect with experience in this type of construction. The Architect should have a Structural Engineer on staff or have experienced Engineers who are familiar with Historical Buildings. Once the plans and specifications are completed the next step is to let the project out for bid to carefully chosen Contractors that have a proven track record in this highly specialized type of construction. Referrals for experienced Architects and Engineers are available on request. Please view the photo gallery below to review some of our historical restoration work:

Restoring buildings to its original Architectural condition while assuring their structural integrity is one of our specialties, in fact: it is our passion. We have performed many restoration projects on landmark buildings. In 1995 the Comeau Building, located at 312 Clematis Street in West Palm Beach Fl., was one of our contracts. The Comeau Building is a 10 Story Historical building built in the early 1920s. That project included exterior concrete restoration, new balcony railings, re-glazing of all windows and finishing with waterproofing the exterior of the building. During this time we also worked on the Citizen’s building, the previous “Burt Reynolds Theater” and eight other buildings located on Clematis Street in downtown West Palm Beach Florida. We worked closely with the Down Town Development Authority on many other projects. Other Historic landmark Buildings we have worked on include the Gulf Stream Hotel, located in Lake Worth FL, the Paramount Center located in Palm Beach, the Gruntal building in Palm Beach and the Palm Beach Hotel.

We have restored and renovated many historic homes in Historically-designated neighborhoods throughout the State of Florida, including West Palm Beach, The Town of Palm Beach, Delray Beach and Ft. Lauderdale. Our extensive experience in working with Historic boards at the local, State, and National level often gives great comfort to our clients in terms of meeting compliance requirements and also in making for smoother-going projects overall.

Our restoration process begins with the structural components first, then we put the building back together maintaining the integrity of the original Architectural appearance. Plastering, stucco, balustrades, railings, wood work, steel, concrete is all performed by our own employees who are experienced in historical restoration. The following is some of the services that our company provides.

Services Offered:

  • Commercial, Public, and privately owned buildings.

  • Steel beam & column repairs, steel I Beams and Channels

  • Foundation repairs and stabilization

  • Wood joist and timber repairs & replacements

  • Structural Concrete column/beam repairs

  • Wood framing repairs & replacements

  • Refer Architectural and Structural Engineers per client request

  • Façade restoration

  • Spalling concrete repairs

  • Railings, balustrades, etc

  • Interior restoration

  • Steel beam & column replacement

  • Column pad repair and replacement