Concrete Restoration

FCR specializes in providing concrete restoration and structural repair services to clients in South Florida. Concrete restoration is a specialty of construction that requires an experienced Contractor who specializes in this field. The quantity of Contractors performing this type of construction has grown tremendously over the past five years. We feel the two primary reasons for this rapid growth is (1) the growing number of aging buildings throughout South Florida and (2) have observed the sudden increase of “Crossover” Contractors during this period. Contractors who had focused exclusively in the new housing market suddenly saw the bottom drop out and business virtually disappearing as the housing market crashed and the country went into a recession.

We believe there are enough qualified contractors with over ten years or more of experience in this specialized field to service the need in the South Florida market. Potential clients should ask for a list of projects completed in the last five years to assure you are contracting with an experienced and reputable contractor specializing in concrete restoration. With over 28 years of experience FCR is the right choice for you!

Services Offered:

  • High-Mid-Low-rise repairs & Maintenance

  • Structural column and beam repair

  • Catwalks and Balcony deck repairs

  • Decorative waterproofing membranes for decks, balconies, catwalks and parking garages

  • Foundation repairs, stabilization, stem wall

  • Refer of Structural Engineers per client request

  • Beam and column repairs

  • Painting

  • Expansion joint repairs

  • Spalling concrete repairs

  • Parking garage repairs

  • Waterproof coatings

  • Historical (See Historical)